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Beachy Head

Beachy Head lighthouse under construction
Beachy Head is a chalk headland on the south coast of England, close to the town of Eastbourne in the county of East Sussex. The cliff there is the highest chalk sea cliff in Britain, rising to 162 m (530 ft) above sea level[1].

The prominence of Beachy Head has always made it a landmark for sailors in the English Channel. It is noted as such in the sea shanty Spanish Ladies:

The first land we sighted was called the Dodman,
Next Rame Head off Plymouth, off Portsmouth the Wight;
We sailed by Beachy, by Fairlight and Dover,
And then we bore up for the South Foreland light.

It was also a danger to shipping. The famous Belle Tout lighthouse built in 1831 is located near the edge of the cliff. It was moved more than 17 m (50 ft) further inland in 1999 due to cliff erosion[1]. It was superseded by the newer Beachy Head Lighthouse built in the sea below.

Beachy Head is notorious as a popular location for people to commit suicide.

The Battle of Beachy Head, 1690, was a naval engagement during the War of the Grand Alliance

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