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BC may stand for:

;"before Christ" (B.C. or BC): an abbreviation used to refer to a year before the beginning of the year count that starts with the supposed year of the birth of Christ. Some people use ACN or BCE instead. For a discussion, see the entry on Anno Domini and Common Era. ;British Columbia, province of Canada: "B.C." is the traditional use, while "BC" is the more modern, being used as the official Canada Post code for mail, and in domain names such as It is also part of the province's ISO 3166-2 code CA-BC, ;B.C. (comic): syndicated comic strip by Johnny Hart, which has run since 1958 and features wisecracking cavemen [1] ;BC powder

"BC Powder": name brand of pain reliever containing aspirin, caffeine, and salicylamide [1]
"B.C. powder": can also refer to the light and fluffy snow which attracts skiers and snowboarders to British Columbia,
"B/C powder": powdered chemicals in a fire extinguisher effective against burning liquids (B-rated) and gases (C-rated).
;BC wheel: the impossible wheel, an unicycle, named after the comic strip B.C ;BookCrossing (BC): releasing books from your shelf (where they will be of no use to anyone) into the world.