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Bay Cat

Bay Cat
Scientific Classification
Binomial name
Catopuma badia
The Bay Cat (Catopuma badia, other genus names in use are Felis, Profelis or Badiofelis) is also known as Bornean Cat or Bornean Bay Cat, since it is endemic to the island of Borneo. It is related to the Asiatic Golden Cat, but considerably smaller: length 50 cm, plus 30 cm tail.

The colour of the fur is reddish brown, but there is also a grey colour variant. This wild cat hunts at night for birds and rodents, and allegedly for monkeys. It is a dweller of dense rainforests.

There is not much known about the Bornean Cat, since it appears to be very rare. According to molecular analysis it is related to the Asiatic Golden Cat, although it has a completely different skull and dentition.