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Battle of Taierzhuang


Battle before: Battle of Nanjing
Battle after: Battle of Xuzhou
Battle of Taierzhuang
ConflictSecond Sino-Japanese War
DateOctober 1937 and evening of March 24 1938¹ - April 7, 1938
PlaceTaierzhuang, Shandong
ResultDecisive Kuomintang victory
¹ Assault of Taierzhuang began on March 24 but previous military developments dated back to October
China, National Revolutionary Army Japan, North China Theater Army
Li Tsung-jen (supreme commander), Tang Enbai, Pang Bingxun, Zhang Zizhong, Sun Lianzhong, Sun Zhen, Wang Mingzhang†, Han Fuqu†Isogai Rensuke, Itagaki Seishiro
10 divisionss , ~100,000 men2 divisions (Itagaki 5th, Isogai 10th), ~30,000 men
~20000over 16000

The Battle of Tai'erzhuang was a battle of the Second Sino-Japanese War in 1938, between armies of Chinese Kuomintang and Japan.

Taierzhuang locates on the eastern bank of the Grand Canal of China and was a frontier garrison northeast of Xuzhou. Xuzhou itself was the joint of Jinpu Railway (Tianjin-Pudong Railway) and Longhai Railway (Lanzhou-Lianyonggang Railway) and the HQ of KMT's 5th War Zone.

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