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Battle of Boroughbridge

The Battle of Boroughbridge was a small but important battle in the conflicts between Edward II of England and his rebellious barons. The battle took place near at important bridge across the Wye called Boroughbridge, northwest of York.

Early in 1322, king Edward took forces north in England to subdue his cousin Thomas, Earl of Lancaster. Lancaster was pushed further north, where he may have been hoping to join up with forces from Scotland. However on March 16, he found his way across the river Wye barred by forces of Sir Andrew Harclay. Sir Andrew used the infantry tactics which were later to prove so effective against the French at Crecy, and the rebels were defeated.

Of the rebel leaders, Humphrey de Bohun, 4th Earl of Hereford, was killed, and the rest captured. The prisoners were later convicted of treason and executed.