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Baltimore City Community College

Baltimore City Community College dates its origins to Baltimore Junior College, founded as part of the Baltimore City Public Schools in 1947 to provide post-high school education for returning World War II veterans. In 1967, the College was renamed Community College of Baltimore and restructured as a department of the City of Baltimore. In the 1980s City and State leaders recognized that shrinking City resources made it difficult for the City to operate a quality institution of higher education. On July 1, 1990, the Maryland General Assembly created a new institution, New Community College of Baltimore, funded by the State of Maryland. The College was granted permanent status in 1992 and renamed Baltimore City Community College.

Baltimore City Community College primarily serves the residents and business community of Baltimore, BCCC offers educational opportunities on all levels to the citizens of Baltimore and the State of Maryland that enables students to obtain good jobs, transfer to four-year colleges, or take short-term training to upgrade their skills or acquire new ones.

BCCC has two campuses, Harbor and Liberty.

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BCCC Telephone Guide

Main Telephone Numbers:

General Information: (410)-462-8000 Admissions Office/Call Center: (410)-462-8300 MD Toll-Free: 1-(888)-203-1261 TTY: 1-(800)-735-2258

Additional Information

Academic Advisement: (410)-462-7660 Academic Development Program: (410)-462-8550 Administration Division (410)-462-8383 Admissions Office: (410)-462-8300 Adult and Community Education Program: (410)-986-5444 Alumni Relations Office: (410)-986-5558 BCCC Foundation: (410)-986-5450 Bookstore Harbor Campus: (410)-986-5454 Bookstore Liberty Campus: (410)-462-8474 Business and Continuing Education Center: (410)-986-3200 Cashier Harbor Campus: (410)-986-5525 Cashier Liberty Campus: (410)-462-8474 Center for Teaching Excellence: (410)-462-7726 Clarence Blount Child Development Center: (410)-462-7760

Computer-Assisted Labs

Cooperative Education: (410)-986-5536 Counseling, Career Services, and Transfer Office: (410)-462-8555 Disability Support Office: (410)-462-8585 Distance Learning: (410)-462-7719 Evening, Weekend, and Special Sessions: (410)-462-8222 External Affairs Division: (410)-986-5450 Financial Aid Office: (410)-462-8500 Food Services: (410)-462-8460 Health and Wellness Center: (410)-462-8384 Honors Program: (410)-462-7686 Human Resources Office: (410)-462-8490 Institute for Intercultural Understanding: (410)-462-7770 Intercollegiate Athletics: (410)-462-8320 Learning Division: (410)-462-7770 Library Harbor Campus: (410)-986-5490 Library Liberty Campus: (410)-462-7700 Lost and Found Harbor Campus: (410)-986-5500 Lost and Found Liberty Campus: (410)-462-7700 Mentor Program/Positive People Learning Community: (410)-462-8258 Parking/Public Safety Harbor Campus: (410)-986-5500 Parking/Public Safety Liberty Campus: (410)-462-7700 Physical Education Center: (410)-462-7750 Phi Theta Kappa: (410)-462-8555 President's Office: (410)-462-7799 Preventive Dentistry Clinic: (410)-462-7712 Public Relations Office: (410)-986-5450 Registrar's Office: (410)-462-7777 Reisterstown Plaza Center: (410)-580-2750 Retention Services: (410)-462-7759 Shuttle Bus Service: (410)-462-8440 Student Affairs Division: (410)-462-7676 Student Government: (410)-462-8361 Student Life Office: (410)-462-8385 Student Services Harbor Campus: (410)-986-5599 Study Abroad: (410)-462-7747 Tech Prep: (410)-462-8495 Test Center: (410)-462-7666


Veterans Affairs and International Student Services: (410)-462-8311 WBJC-FM: (410)-462-8444

Tuition and Fees (as of 2003-2004 Academic Year)


Fees The following fees are non-refundable

The following fees are non-refundable once classes begin

Other Fees

Credit by Examination Fees Deferred Payment Fee: $20 Laboratory Fee (for selected courses): $10-$20

Parking Fees

Physical Education Fee (for selected courses): $20 Returned Check Fee: $15 Transcript Fee: $2

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