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Ball State University

Ball State University is a state-run university in Muncie, Indiana. It also serves as the administrator and campus for The Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities, a selective residential program for high school juniors and seniors.

Table of contents
1 History of Ball State
2 Colleges and Departments
3 Athletics
4 Historic Campus Names
5 Campus Facts (As of 2003)
6 Notable Ball State Graduates
7 External Links

History of Ball State

The campus was founded as a private school in 1899, but was bought by industrial family, the Ball Brothers and donated to the state of Indiana in 1918 to serve as a public school of higher education.

Colleges and Departments

College of Fine Arts
  • College of Science and Humanities
  • Teachers College
  • Athletics

    Ball State competes in the
    NCAA Division IA and is part of the Mid-American Conference. Official School sports are as follows:

    Historic Campus Names

    Campus Facts (As of 2003)

    Notable Ball State Graduates

    External Links

    Ball State University official site

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