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Baldur's Gate

Baldur's Gate is a fictional city in the world of Forgotten Realms, a Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting. It is a coastal city on the north bank of the river Chiontar, to the south of Waterdeep and to the north of Amn.

The city is famed by its series of computer games: see Baldur's Gate Series.

Table of contents
1 A Pleasant Port City
2 Architeture
3 Places to Go

A Pleasant Port City

This wealthy port metropolis, with 42,103 inhabitants, is both shelter and lifeline for the folk of the Sword Coast. It is a tolerant but well-policed city of merchants - quiet business as usual is the general order of each day.

There is a well-run thieve´s guild in Baldur´s Gate, as well as a police mercenary company, the Flaming Fist. The Fist´s members wear distinctive black helmets with red stripes on either side.

Baldur´s Gate is ruled by four grand dukes, including Eltan, the leader of the Flaming Fist.

The city curves like a great hand or crescent moon around its harbor. Crescent moon is the term used by its resident minstrels, but hand describes it better. The finger of the hands are the many docks and wharves that jut out into the harbor. A bridge from the western shore links the mainland with a rocky islet on which perches the old, massive Seatower of Balduran, which is used as a barracks, naval base, dungeon and fortress.

The harbor boasts four dry-docks for boat builidng, complete with ox-driven pumps. The shipping facilities feature modern warehouses, movable lamps and cranes, and tight security.

Around the harbor rises a crowded, clean, prosperous city. Everything is of stone and is usually wet with either rain, sleet or fog, depending on the time of day and season. This makes the streets slippery, makes the musk and mushrooms Baldurians grow in their cellars flourish, keeps the flowers and plants grown in hangling baskets everywhere green- and makes mildew and mold a constant problem. An old wizard, Halbazzer Drin, made his fortune with a spell that banishes mildew (12 gold pieces per casting) and another that drives all moisture from things without harming them (10 gold pieces per glamer). Despite fantastic offers, Drin does not sell scrolls of these spells or reveals the incantations to others.

Baldur´s Gate is a pleasant but unremarkable city to stroll about in. Cats are everywhere- raised to keep down the shipborne vermin- but there´s nary a dog to be seen. Livestock and mounts are kept outside the city to ensure maximum cleanliness.


Builidngs in Baldur´s Gate tend to be tall and narrow, with slit windows located high up and covered with shutters to block both winter winds and nesting seabirds. Tall among them rises the grandly spired ducal palace of the four ruling Grand Dukes, known as the High Hall.

Places to Go


The Blushing Mermaid

Elfsong Tavern


The Helm and Cloak

Three Old Kegs

The Blade and Stars


The Hall of Wonders

This is a temple of Gond.

The Water-Queen´s House

This is a temple of Umberlee.

The Lady´s Hall

This is a temple of Tymora.