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Bajoran Prophets

In the fictional Star Trek universe, non-corporeal beings who inhabit the artificially constructed Bajoran wormhole which connects a distant point in the Gamma Quadrant to the Alpha Quadrant, near the planet of Bajor and the space station Deep Space Nine. The Bajoran people worship the beings as gods, and the beings have sent prophecies, as well as mysterious spiritual devices called Orbs, to Bajor. The prophets exist outside of time and space, and do not understand linear time; a probable explanation for the prophetic visions experienced by many who interact with them. Captain Benjamin Sisko, who took command of Deep Space Nine after the withdrawal of the Cardassians from Bajor, became the first corporeal being to communicate with the prophets on stardate 46379, (Emissary). The Bajorans thus consider him a sacred emissary.

At some point in the distant past, some prophets were forcibly expelled from their wormhole home, and chose to reside on Bajor, where they became known as the mythical Pah Wraiths. The wraiths long for revenge against the other prophets, and often take over the bodies of corporeal beings to reach that end, even going as far as occupying the body of the wife of Chief Miles O'Brien, almost forcing him to kill the prophets. (The Assignment)