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BAe 146

The BAe 146 (also known as the Avro RJ) is a small commercial aircraft manufactured by BAE SYSTEMS. It is unusual in that it carries four jet engines on a high wing above the fuselage, not below as on most conventional civilian aircraft. The aircraft has STOL capabilites and very quiet operation, so is widely used at small city-based airports. Its role is as a regional jet, short-haul airliner or feederliner. There is also a freight carrying version, called the QT for "quiet trader".

The original design was created by British Aerospace in the 1970s, but the project was cancelled at a relatively advanced stage in 1977 by a cost-cutting Labour government. On re-election in 1979, the new Conservative government resurrected the project.

Production began in 1983 with the series 100, carrying 70 - 84 passengers. The type name Avro RJ superseded BAe 146 in 1993, but essentially it is the same aircraft. Production has now ended.

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