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Avensa (Aerovias Venezolanas Sociedad Anonima) is Venezuela's national airline. Its fleet operates from hubs at Simon Bolivar International Airport in Caracas and Arturo Michelena International Airport in Valencia with aircraft such as the Douglas DC-9, DC-10, the Boeing 727, 737-200, 757, and the Airbus A300. Avensa operated a smaller low-fare carrier called SERVIVENSA, which operated mainly Boeing 727s between its smaller hub in Valencia torwards international destinations. The former fleet is now owned by Santa Barbara Airlines, which operates most of the same routes as well as some new ones.

Avensa overtook many of the international routes formerly flown by Viasa, during Avensa's heyday. Avensa's livery reflects their connection to Pan Am, airline that helped set up Avensa in the 1940s; their livery is similar to that of Pan Am during the late 1980s and nowadays.

Avensa is currently serving only a domestic network of three cities, as they attempt to re-structure.