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Attercliffe is an industrial suburb of northeast Sheffield, England. Lying on the south bank of the River Don, it originally grew as a small hamlet centred on Attercliffe Chapel, and was part of the parish of Sheffield.

Attercliffe was always an industrial area, but by the early 20th century, there was a large residential population and high-class shops. The area declined as slum housing was cleared and not replaced, while industries closed or moved to larger sites further out of Sheffield.

The area became a centre for Sheffield’s LGBT population, and is known locally for its sex industry, garnering a reputation as Sheffield's equivalent to Soho.

Its location on the Sheffield Supertram, the completion of the Five Weirs Walk and construction of the Don Valley Stadium and Sheffield Arena in the 1990s brought some life back to the area. In 2002, the first new housing was built in Attercliffe.