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Arthur Hailey

Arthur Hailey (born April 5, 1920) is a British/Canadian/American/Bahamian novelist. Born in Luton, Devon, England, Hailey went to live in Canada at a young age where he worked until income taxes, which at that time in both Canada and the United States exceeded 90%, forced him to move to the Bahamas.

A hallmark of his writing is that he does a thorough research job and gives the reader the fine details. Each of his novels is set in a different industry or commercial environment and includes, in addition to dramatic human conflict, much information about the way that particular environment functions, and how it affects both society and the people in it.

Many of his books have reached #1 on the New York Times bestseller list and more than 170 million copies have been sold worldwide in 40 languages. Many have been made into movies and Hotel was made into a long-running television series.

Hailey makes his home in Lyford Cay, an exclusive residential resort on New Providence Island in the Bahamas with his wife Sheila who wrote: I Married a Best-Seller in 1978.


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