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Ariane 2 and Ariane 3

The Ariane 2 and Ariane 3 were expendable launch systems in the Ariane family designed by the European Space Agency. They were almost identical, with the Ariane 3 equipped with strap-on boosters. They were the successors of the Ariane 1 and the predecessors of the Ariane 4.

Technical details

The Ariane 2 & 3 have the same design as the Ariane 1 but with increased thrust for first and second stage engines, a taller third stage, a larger internal payload fairing volume. Ariane 3 added two solid rocket motor strap-ons. Its payload capacity was 2175-2580 kg.

They were three-stage rocket:

This design will be kept until the Ariane 4.

Launchs history

The first launch of the Ariane 2 was on
May 30, 1986 and was a failure. The next ones were all successfull. There was only a few flights of the Ariane 2, 6 in total, the last on April 2, 1989.

The first launch of the Ariane 3 was on August 4, 1984; mostly two years before the Ariane 2. There was 11 flights; only the fifth one was a failure.

The small number of flights of the Ariane 2 & 3 is due to the arrival of the much more versatile and powerfull Ariane 4.\n