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Ariane 1

Ariane I is the first version of the Ariane launcher family.

Technical details

With lift-off mass of 210,000 kg, Ariane I was able to put in geostationary orbit one satellite or two smaller of a maximal weight of 1850 kg.

Ariane I is a three-stage rocket:

This design will be kept until the Ariane 4.

Launch history

The first launch was on December 24 1979 and was successful. The second one exploded at takeoff. The third launch succeed the orbiting of three satellite, the fourth and last qualification launch was also a success.

The next launch, the first commercial one, the rocket stopped to function after 7 minutes of flight. After a complete review of the launcher, the next 6 flight were all successful.

The first SPOT satellite was put on orbit by the eleventh and last launch of Ariane I was on February 22, 1986.\n