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Apollodorus was a popular name in the ancient world.

Apollodorus, an Athenian painter, flourished at the end of the 5th century B.C. He is said to have introduced great improvements in perspective and chiaroscuro.

Apollodorus, an Athenian grammarian, lived about 140 B.C. He was a prolific and versatile writer. There is extant under his name a treatise, the Bibliotheke, on the gods and the heroic age, a valuable authority on ancient mythology.

Apollodorus of Carystus in Euboea was one of the most important writers of the New Attic comedy, who flourished in Athens between 300 and 260 B.C. He is to be distinguished from the older Apollodorus of Gela (342290), also a writer of comedy. A contemporary of Menander, he wrote 47 comedies and attained the prize five times

Apollodorus of Damascus, a famous Greek architect, flourished during the 2nd century A.D. He was a favourite of Trajan, for whom he constructed the stone bridge over the Danube (A.D. 104). He also planned a gymnasium, a colIege, public baths, the Odeum and the Forum Trajanum. The Trajan column in the centre of the Forum is celebrated as being the first triumphal monument of its kind. On the accession of Hadrian, whom he had offended ridiculing his performances as architect and artist, Apollodorus was banished and, shortly afterwards, being charged with imaginary crimes, put to death.

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