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Anton Alberts

Anton Alberts 1929 - August 19, 1999 was a dutch architect. He was a partner of Alberts and Van Huut. He offered to work for free on the Paece Parks in Amsterdam but was only able to create sketches before he died. He is known for the ING Bank (1982) in the Bijlmer district of Amsterdam. He is well known for developing Organic architecture, which has been compared to the anthrosophic architecture of Rudolf Steiner.

He was involved with Situationist International before being expleed in 1960. He had been involved with Constant and Har Oudejans in setting up a labyrinth in the Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam. This project fell apart amidst acimony. Officially he was expelled for designing churches, although Asger Jorn relates the expulsion more to the "Amsterdam affair.