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Anticipation is the 'childlike' attitude in every human being that stirs the heart and mind in inspiration of what is yet to be or may be. It is an emotion that cradles hope and wishful thinking. It is a 'one step ahead' reaction, on thinking positively.

In medicine, anticipation is where the severity of a genetic disorder increases with each generation. Measurement of anticipation is based on the age of the patient when they first displayed symptoms of the disease and comparing this to historical data about the average age of onset in past generations. It occurs in Huntington's disease and myotonic dystrophy.

In music, anticipation is a nonchord tone where a note is played before the chord to which the note belongs to. See: resolution (music).

In finance, anticipation is where debts are paid off early, generally in order to pay less interest.

In love, anticipation is the fulillment of a desire for a chosen partner and hopes that the feeling is mutual.