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Anthony Michael Hall

Anthony Michael Hall (born April 14, 1968) is a US movie actor who became famous playing a nerd in several prominent Brat Pack films of the 1980's.

After his success at playing a geek in "Sixteen Candles" and "The Breakfast Club", Hall avoided similar roles for fear of being typecast. He appeared as a regular on Saturday Night Live at the age of 17, the youngest cast member ever. After a string of bizarre behavior, a tour in rehab for alcoholism, and late puberty, a far more athletic Hall appeared in Tim Burton's "Edward Scissorhands", this time playing the part of the villain.

Hall starred in "Hail Caesar", a film about a would-be rock star who works in a pencil eraser factory, which Hall also directed. Hall continues to appear regularly in major films in a variety of roles such as nerd billionaire Bill Gates in "Pirates of Silicon Valley" and baseball player Whitey Ford in "61*". He also stars in The Dead Zone, a television series based on the Stephen King novel.

Hall writes and sings for his band, Hall of Mirrors.

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