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Anfield Plain

Anfield Plain is a town in England which is located approximately 2 1/2 miles from Stanley and about 5 miles from Consett. The name derives from the name of a local landowner called Ann whose field it was, hence Anfield Plain. Mostly of Anfield is made up of housing. It has local shops--one of which is the local co-operative supermarket--and public houses.

At one time the main industry was local coal mining and the area has a long tradition allied to this, although since its heyday in the early years of the 20th century, coal mining has declined to be just a memory, and does not account for any industrial activity. There is light industry but the area is generally starved of resources.

There is some nice countryside nearby and is a pleasent area in which to live. It lies midway between three cities: Newcastle. which is about 12 miles away; Durham, which is 12 miles away; and Sunderland which is about 13 miles away. It has good communications and has good access to very good shopping in these cities.The Metro Centre at Gateshead is only 15 minutes away, while it may not be the Jesmond of places, the area has surprisingly remained a well guarded secret overlooked as a great place for access to nearby cities.

Near Annfield Plain is a small village called Catchgate, but due to construction and settlement the line between Annfield Plain and Catchgate is unclear.