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American Freedom Coalition

The American Freedom Coalition (AFC) is a group which seeks to unite conservatives to work toward what it believes are common goals, including anticommunism. [1]

Its president is Robert Grant, who is also founder and chairman of the lobby group Christian Voice. Civil rights leader Ralph Abernathy of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference served as AFC vice-president, and two former Congressmen (Richard Ichord and Bob Wilson) are cochairmen.

The coalition, while independent, receives copious support from the Unification Church. Grant, whose organization openly cooperates with organizations of the Unification Movement such as CAUSA and the American Constitution Committee, defends his organization from charges of a "conspiracy" or "secret links" with the Unification Church, maintaining that the AFC "is not a church coalition, nor does it seek to emphasize the concerns or doctrines of any particular church."

Nonetheless, a majority of AFC officers are members of the Unification Church, and some evangelical Christian leaders are uncomfortable with the group because of the Unification Church link.

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