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Amaya is a web browser and authoring tool created by the W3C and INRIA. It was originally designed as an HTML and CSS editor, but later was expanded to include XML capabilities such as MathML and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). It is commonly used today as a test-bed for new web technologies that are not yet supported in major commercial browsers.

Amaya displays open image formats such as PNG and SVG, as well as a subset of SVG animation. The graphics are implemented in XML, and may be mixed freely with HTML and MathML.

Amaya is an open source software project, available on Unix, Windows, MacOS and other platforms. The latest release is Amaya 8.2, released on November 13, 2003.

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Amaya is the name of a village (pop. 67 (2002)) in the municipality of Sotresgudo, Burgos, in Castile-Leon, Spain.

In the 9th century it is said to have been repopulated by Ordono I of Asturias after the population had fled from the Moors.