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The term am, Am or AM, when used by itself can refer to:

  1. English verb: Present tense, first person, singular form of the verb be. I am.
  2. am is short for ante meridiem, Latin for "before noon". This is used to define hours of the day: The meeting starts at 9 am. The opposite of am is pm.
  3. German preposition: am is a contraction for the preposition and definite article "an dem", and as such occurs in some place names (similar to English upon): Frankfurt am Main.
  4. In chemistry, in the periodic table, Am is the chemical symbol for Americium.
  5. In electrical engineering, AM is short for amplitude modulation.
  6. In measurement, am is an abbreviation of attometre, or 10-18 metre. See 1_E-18_m for a list of objects on this scale.
  7. Airmail
  8. Air Medal
  9. anno mundi - Latin for "in the year of the world", discussed in anno Domini.
  10. Artium magister - New Latin for master of arts.
  11. Armenia