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Allan W. Eckert

Allan W. Eckert (b. 1930 -), American, historian, naturalist and author

Allan W. Eckert was born on January 30, 1931 in Buffalo, New York, and raised in the Chicago, Illinois area but has been a long-time resident of Ohio where he attended university. As a young man, he hitch-hiked around the United States, living off the land and learning about wildlife. He began writing about nature and American history at the age of thirteen, eventually becoming an author of numerous distinguished books for children and adults. Seven of his books have been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in literature.

In addition to his highly popular novels he has also written several screenplays and more than 225 "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom" television shows for which he received an Emmy Award.

In a 1999 poll conducted by the Ohioana Library Association, jointly with Toni Morrison, Allan W. Eckert was voted "Favorite Ohio Writer of All Time."