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Alfonso III of Leon

Alfonso III (b. ca 838 d.December 20 ca 910), surnamed the Great, was king of León from 866 to ca 910. Of him also nothing is really known except the bare facts of his reign and of his comparative success in consolidating the kingdom known as "of Galicia" or "of Oviedo" during the weakness of the Omayyad princes of Cordova. Upon his death his kingdom was divided among his 3 sons. The eldest son, Garcia became king of Leon but died shortly after in 914 without an heir. The second son Ordono reigned Galicia since 910 and León after Garcia's death. The youngest son Fruela received Asturias and became king of Asturias (or Oviedo as the capital was located there). The territory of Alphonso was once again united under him as Ordono died with children too young to ascend. Fruela did not enjoy his joint monarchy long as he passed away the next year. Ordono's eldest son Alfonso succeeded.

Some material based on an article from 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica.