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Alexander Helios

Alexander Helios (40 - 30 BC) was the son of Cleopatra VII of Egypt and Marcus Antonius. Although they were still children, for reasons of state he was married to Iotapa (b. 43 BC), daughter of the king of Media, in 33 B.C. In Autumn of 34 BC at the "Donation of Alexandria" Alexander was crowned ruler of Armenia, Media and Parthia. Those titles were largy nominal though since all three thrones were already occupated by others. Respectively Artavasdes II of Armenia, Artavasdes I of Media and Phraates IV of Parthia. But his parents seemed to have intended to work in placing him to those thrones. Probably for this reasons he was married toIotapa (b. 43 BC), daughter of the king of Media, in 33 BC, although they were still children. Alexander was probably killed when the Romans led by Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus invaded Egypt in 30 BC and his parents both killed themselves. There is no further mention of him.