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Aldeism is a philosophy based on three core principles. They are Altruism, God, and Reason. Aldeism was founded in the year 2000 by Allan Revich.

In addition to the three principles of Aldeism:

there are also three tenets: Aldeism is the distillation of a complete spiritual philosophy. It is based primarily on Deism.

Aldeism differs from traditional deism in that it adds the requirement of altruism, and the tenets, Do no harm, and Fight against injustice. Aldeism also believes that God is still exerting influence on the world today, although the nature of God is held to be unknowable by humankind. Its tenets are deliberately left open to interpretation, with the founder adding his own interpretation on the Aldeism web site. Theoretically, people can define the words in the tenets in very different ways, yet still agree on them because Aldeism does not insist on any particular definitions. There are no formal membership requirements besides living by the principles, and creed. There are no formal meetings or meeting places besides the Aldeism web site [1]. Aldeism does not support traditional organized religion. Hence, it is difficult to measure the number of aldeism adherents.

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