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Alaska (novel)

Alaska is a historical novel by James A. Michener. Like other Michener titles, Alaska spans a considerable amount of time.

Warning: Wikipedia contains spoilers.

Table of contents
1 Contents
2 Drawings and Maps
3 Book's Jacket Design
4 Fact and Fiction
5 Acknowledgements
6 Synopsis


Published in 1988 by Random House, Alaska is 868 pages long. Along with the reading, Michener provides a table of contents, a list of acknowledgements, and a Fact and Fiction section. The third item offers the reader an insight into what occurred in real life and what the author invented.

Drawings and Maps

Throughout the novel are (at the beginnings of chapters) and maps (frontispiece, pages 102-103, and inside back cover). There is also an amount of impressive calligraphy. The maps are credited to to Jean Paul Tremblay. Carole Lowenstein is responsible for the book's physical and calligraphy.

Book's Jacket Design

The jacket of Alaska features an illustration on the front and a photograph of Michener on the back. The illustration is an oval-shaped sketch of items easily identifiable with the state of Alaska.
They include (clockwise):

The photograph of James Michener, on the back cover, was taken not too long before his death in 1997.

The jacket design and aforementioned sketch are credited to Wendell Minor. Michener's picture is credited to Michael A. Lewis of the Sheldon Jackson College in Sitka, Alaska.

Fact and Fiction

It is important to remember that although Alaska is based on fact, Michener uses factual people or places in fictional events. He also invents characters, places, and like any other novelist. Alaska is not a history textbook.



Chapter I: The Clashing Terranes

Chapter II: The Ice Castle

Chapter III: People of the North

Chapter IV: The Explorers

Chapter V: The Duel

Chapter VI: Lost Worlds

Chapter VII: Giants in Chaos

Chapter VIII: Gold

Chapter IX: The Golden Beaches of Nome

Chapter X: Salmon

Chapter XI: The Rail Belt

Chapter XII: The Rim of Fire