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Yellow is the color of light whose wavelength is between 565nm and 590nm or is a mixture of red and green light, that appears to be the same color. Yellow is the complement of blue; yellow pigments absorb blue light. On a browser that supports visual formatting in Cascading Style Sheets, the following box should appear yellow:

Yellow is also one of the primary pigments.

Usage, symbolism, colloquial expressions

Yellow is a bright cheerful color, but in the English language, yellow is associated with cowardice. A coward is said to have a "yellow belly". It can also mean that something is tainted, as in the expression "yellow journalism".

The Beatles recorded a song called Yellow Submarine.

Yellow was the symbol for the Emperor of China and consequently of the Chinese monarchy. It was also the color of the New Party on Taiwan.

Yellow, in international political organizations, is the color for liberalists (see Political party).

Yellow is also a colour associated with being scared, or afraid.

In some countries, taxicabs are commonly yellow. This practice apparently began in New York, where taxi owner Harry N. Allen painted his taxis yellow after learning that yellow is the colour most easily seen at a distance.