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Akashic Brotherhood

Akashic Brotherhood is a Tradition of mages in Mage: the Ascension RPG game from White Wolf Game Studio.

Their focus is Mind. Brothers believe - and strive to attain – the perfect harmony of one’s mind with the One Mind. While this is quite Buddhist concept, this tradition doesn’t limit itself to Buddhism – rather it reflects the eastern way of mystical thinking. It includes elements of Vedanta Hinduism, Taoism, Zen Buddhism and ten thousand of their variations.

Mystics of Brotherhood share belief common to most mystic traditions of the world: that internal microcosm of mind is interconnected with macrocosm of nature. However, a difference between European “As above so below” and eastern conceptions of Akashics lies in assumption that all the universe is ultimately an illusion similar to Maya and the reality is rather Akasha or emptiness (named Sunyata in Buddhism, Brahman in Hinduism and Tao in Taoism).

As previously said, the aim of Akashic Brothers is to attain oneness with both internal and external universe, the peaceful transcendence in creative emptiness of One Mind. They accomplish this with variety of eastern practices, most notably: various martial arts – both internal and external contemplations and meditations. Notice however that some martial arts (like Tai Chi) are meditation exercises and some kinds of meditation just foster focus on here-and-now in mundane life.