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Adriana of Antwerp

Adriana of Antwerp, Adriana de Weyden, Adriana Pratt (b.1522). Married John Rogers around 1537 in Antwerp. John Rogers was compiling a complete English version of the Bible, the Matthew Bible, at the time, which Adriana's uncle, Sir Jacobus van Meteren published in 1537.

Weyden means "meadows" and when in 1552 Adriana and her foreign born children were naturalized by a special act of parliament, the name was anglicized into Pratt from the Latin form, prata.

The relationship of Adriana to Jacobus van Meteren had been duly recorded in documents related to her. However it had been overlooked by many scholars, leading to considerable confusion regarding which version or versions of the English Bible her uncle published.

See entry for Jacobus van Meteren for additional information.