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Administrator of the Government

The Administrator of the Government, often shortened to The Administrator is the name given to a person acting in place any of the Governors-General of Australia, New Zealand or Canada, or of the Governors or Lieutenant Governors of their states or provinces. The Administrator is appointed if the Governor-General, Governor or Lieutenant Governor is 'incapacitated, outside the country, or otherwise unable to perform his/her duties.'

In New Zealand, the line of succession is 'the Chief Justice, followed by the President of the Court of Appeal, and then the Senior Judge of that same court.' For example, in April 2003, when Dame Silvia Cartwright was overseas, Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias was appointed Administrator.

In the Commonwealth of Australia, the Administrator is usually is the longest-serving state governor. For example, in May 2003 when Dr Peter Hollingworth stood aside (later resigning) as Governor-General, Tasmanian Governor Sir Guy Green was appointed Administrator. In many Australian states the Administrator is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

In crown colonies this person is known as the Officer Administering the Government.

The title Administrator is also held by the ceremonial head of one of the Territories of Australia, and by the chief official of one of the minor overseas territories of the United Kingdom.

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