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An accident is something going wrong. Physical examples include an unintended collision (including a person or object unintendedly falling, and including a gun going off unintendedly or pointing in the wrong direction or while unintendedly containing a bullet), getting injured by touching something sharp, getting injured by not properly landing when jumping, etc. Non-physical examples are unintendedly revealing a secret or otherwise saying something stupid, forgetting an appointment, etc.

Often accidents are investigated so that we can learn how to avoid them in the future. This is sometimes called root cause analysis.

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Work accident

An accident at work is defined as an external, sudden and violent event, during the execution of work or arising out of it, which causes damage to the health of or loss of the life of the employee (the insured).

For qualification as an accident at work to apply, there must be a causal relationship (direct or indirect relationship of cause and effect) between the violent event and the work. Only if the accident is due to "wilful misrepresentation" on the part of the employer or the employer's appointed representative is the employer under an obligation to compensate the victim.

There is a significant proportion of work accidents occurring in the merchant marine.

See also: social security.

Bicycle accidents

A bicycle accident, an incident in which a bicycle ride goes wrong, can result in injury to the rider or another person in their path, and damage to the bicycle or nearby things. In 1842, an accident occurred which has been described as the earliest bicycle accident. Kirkpatrick McMillan, the inventor of the velocipede (an early bicycle), rode his new invention for 40 miles from his home to Glasgow. On his approach to the city, crowds gathered on the road and unfortunately Kirkpatrick collided with a young girl.

Although she was only very slightly injured, he was subsequently charged with causing the first ever bicycle accident. The judge could not believe Kirkpatrick had travelled the 40 miles to Glasgow in only five hours, but after much explaining, he was allowed to return home.

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Accident is a
drama film from 1967, directed by Joseph Losey, starring Dirk Bogarde, Stanley Baker, and Jacqueline Sassard. The running time is (105 minutes).

Attention: Wikipedia contains spoilers

The story centers on a married Oxford professor, Stephen, who is experiencing a mid-life crisis. The world changes for him when he meets Anna, a beautiful young woman who is engaged to one of his students. The young woman is forced to stay with the professor and his wife following an accident outside of their home in which the student to whom she is engaged was killed. While the Oxford professor believes that he is in control of the events that will eventually lead to the destruction of his marriage, we soon discover that Anna isn't so innocent. The crowning metaphor of the film comes at the end when we see an unhurt Anna (in a flashback) crushing her dying fiancée beneath her spike-heeled foot as she steps on his face while trying desperately to climb out of the overturned car.

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