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Academy of Country Music

The Academy of Country Music (ACM) was founded in 1964, was originally called the Country & Western Music Academy and was formed by people who wanted to share their love of country music.

In 1968 the first awards ceremony was held. Buck Owens was named Top Male Vocalist, and Merle Haggard was named Most Promising New Artist. Each year since then there have been award ceremonies.

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2 Artist of the Decade
3 Entertainer of the Year
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The most prestigious awards are for Artist of the Decade and Entertainer of the Year. There are a number of other awards to recognise male and female vocalists, albums, videos, songs and musicians. An award is presented in recognition of achievement in the previous year. An award presented in 2001 is for achievement in 2000 ie the 2000 award.

Artist of the Decade

1990s Garth Brooks
1980s Alabama
1970s Loretta Lynn
1960s Marty Robbins

Entertainer of the Year

2001 Brooks & Dunn
2000 Dixie Chicks
1999 Shania Twain
1998 Garth Brooks
1996 Brooks & Dunn
1995 Brooks & Dunn
1994 Reba McEntire
1993 Garth Brooks
1992 Garth Brooks
1991 Garth Brooks
1990 Garth Brooks
1989 George Strait
1988 Hank Williams Jr
1987 Hank Williams Jr
1986 Hank Williams Jr
1985 Alabama
1984 Alabama
1983 Alabama
1982 Alabama
1981 Alabama
1980 Barbara Mandrell
1979 Willie Nelson
1978 Kenny Rogers
1977 Dolly Parton
1976 Mickey Gilley
1975 Loretta Lynn
1974 Mac Davis
1973 Roy Clark
1972 Roy Clark
1971 Freddie Hart
1970 Merle Haggard

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