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Abe Nobuyuki

Abe Nobuyuki (阿部 信行 November 24,1875 - September 7,1953) was a Japanese soldier, politician and the 36th Prime Minister from August 30,1939 to January 16,1940.

He was born in Ishikawa prefecture. In 1936, he was put on reserve list with rank of general and became Prime Minister on August 30, 1939. Took over from Hiranuma Kiichiro and was replaced by Yonai Mitsumasa in January of 1940.

He was a special envoy to China and joined the House of Peers in 1942. He was the president of the Imperial Rule Assistance Political Association and was the Governor of Korea from July 1944.

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Preceded by:
Hiranuma Kiichiro
Prime ministers of Japan Succeeded by:
Yonai Mitsumasa