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OpenHistory is a website dedicated to provide an open, free encyclopedia and text of Japanese history. The about page of the website says:

I [Chris Spackman] studied Asian History at the University of Hawaii after getting a B.A. in History from Loyola in New Orleans. I came to Japan on the JET Program in July 1995 and was soon looking around for a way to continue my studies while living in inaka. Somewhere along the line I got the idea of starting an online encyclopedia of historical information--partly to learn html and partly as a way of furthering my studies.
I would like OpenHistory to eventually include historical documents (like the US Constitution), books, book reviews, encyclopedias, bibliographies, and everything else that people need in order to do history. [(]Getting all possible primary documents online may pose a bit of a problem.)

The contents are available under GNU Free Documentation License and some articles have been copied into Wikipedia.

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