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Abdullah I of Jordan

King Abdullah I of Jordan (1882 - July 20, 1951), known as Abdullah bin Husayn, emir of Trans-Jordan (1921-1946), king of Transjordan (May 25, 1946 - 1949), king of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (1949-1951), son of the Hashemite Husayn ibn Ali, became a pro-British partisan in World War I and received Trans-Jordan as a fief under British protection in 1921. His brother Faisal became King of Iraq.

Abdullah died at the hands of an assassin in Jerusalem while attending Friday prayers, while in the presence of then Prince Hussein. He was succeeded by his son Talal who was actually menatally incapacitated, thus Talal's son at the age of eighteen became the effective ruler eventually becoming King Hussein . He in turn was succeeded by half British son King Abdullah II.

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