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2004 European Football Championship

The 2004 European Football Championship (EURO 2004) will be held in Portugal between 12 June and 4 July 2004. It is the 12th European Championship, held quadrennially under the auspices of UEFA (see UEFA article for past winners and locations).

16 nations will participate -- other than the hosts, Portugal, the qualifiers will come from the qualification tournament held in 2002-2003. There were ten qualifying groups of five countries, played on a home-and-away league. The winner of each group qualified, while the runners-up played an additional set of playoff matches amongst each other.

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Group 1Group 2Group 3Group 4Group 5
1. France 1. Denmark 1. Czech Republic 1. Sweden 1. Germany
2. Slovenia 2. Norway 2. Netherlands 2. Latvia 2. Scotland
3. Israel 3. Romania 3. Austria 3. Poland 3. Iceland
4. Cyprus 4. Bosnia-Herzegovina 4. Moldavia 4. Hungary 4. Lithuania
5. Malta 5. Luxembourg 5. Belarus 5. San Marino 5. Faeroe Islands
Group 6Group 7Group 8Group 9Group 10
1. Greece 1. England 1. Bulgaria 1. Italy 1. Switzerland
2. Spain 2. Turkey 2. Croatia 2. Wales 2. Russia
3. Ukraine 3. Slovakia 3. Belgium 3. Serbia and Montenegro 3. Republic of Ireland
4. Armenia 4. FYRM 4. Estonia 4. Finland 4. Albania
5. Northern Ireland 5. Liechtenstein 5. Andorra 5. Azerbaijan 5. Georgia


First round

Group tables

Group Aptsgoals Group Bptsgoals Group Cptsgoals Group Dptsgoals
Portugal00-0 France00-0 Sweden00-0 Czech Republic00-0
Greece00-0 England00-0 Bulgaria00-0 Latvia00-0
Spain00-0 Switzerland00-0 Denmark00-0 Germany00-0
Russia00-0 Croatia00-0 Italy00-0 Netherlands00-0

Group Matches

June 12:

Portugal v Greece (The Dragon Stadium, 1700)
Spain v Russia (Algarve Stadium, 1945)

June 13:
Switzerland v Croatia (Dr. Magalhaes Pessoa Stadium, 1700)
France v England (The Stadium of Light, 1945)

June 14:
Denmark v Italy (D. Afonso Henriques Stadium, 1700)
Sweden v Bulgaira (José Alvalade, 1945)

June 15:
Germany v Netherlands (The Dragon Stadium, 1700)
Czech Rep v Latvia (Aveiro Municipal Stadium, 1945)

June 16:
Greece v Spain (Bessa Stadium, 1700)
Russia v Portugal (The Stadium of Light, 1945}

June 17:
England v Switzerland (Coimbra Municipal Stadium, 1700)
Croatia v France (Dr. Magalhaes Pessoa Stadium, 1945)

June 18:
Bulgaria v Denmark (Braga Municipal Stadium, 1700)
Italy v Sweden (The Dragon Stadium, 1945)

June 19:
Latvia v Germany (Bessa Stadium, 1700)
Netherlands v Czech Rep (Aveiro Municipal Stadium, 1945)

June 20:
Russia v Greece (Algarve Stadium, 1945)
Spain v Portugal (José Alvalade, 1945)

June 21:
Croatia v England (The Stadium of Light, 1945)
Switzerland v France (Coimbra Municipal Stadium, 1945)

June 22:
Italy v Bulgaria (D. Afonso Henriques Stadium, 1945)
Denmark v Sweden (Bessa Stadium, 1945)

June 23:
Netherlands v Latvia (Braga Municipal Stadium, 1945)
Germany v Czech Rep (José Alvalade, 1945)

Second Round

All matches 1945


June 24:

QF1: Winner Group A v Runner-up Group B (Lisbon)

June 25:
QF2: Winner Group B v Runner-up Group A (Lisbon)

June 26:
QF3: Winner Group C v Runner-up Group D (Algarve Stadium)

June 27:
QF4: Winner Group D v Runner-up Group C (The Dragon Stadium)


June 30:

SF1: Winner QF1 v Runner-up QF3 (José Alvalade)

July 1:
SF2: Winner QF2 v Runner-up QF4 (The Dragon Stadium)


July 4:

Winner SF1 v Winner SF2 (The Stadium of Light)

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