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13th (Western) Division

Insignia: A black horseshoe
13th (Western) Division
ArmyNew Army
FormedAugust 21, 1914
DemobilisedMarch, 1919

The 13th (Western) Division was one of the Kitchener's Army divisionss raised from volunteers by Lord Kitchener. It fought at Gallipoli and in Mesopotamia (including the capture of Baghdad) and Persia during World War I.

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The division was comprised of the following brigades:

; 38th Brigade :

; 39th Brigade : ; 40th Brigade : ; Pioneers :

Unit History

The 13th Division had landed at Anzac on the Gallipoli peninsula in July 1915 in preparation for the August Offensive that was launched on August 6. Initially in reserve to the main breakout from Anzac by units of the New Zealand and Australian Division, the 38th and 39th Brigades were sent in as reinforcements as the attack stalled.

Attack on Hill Q. Chunuk Bair. Baldwin's brigade at The Farm.

Division moved to Helles? Withdrawn from Gallipoli in January 1916. Sent to Mesopotamia in February 1916.


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