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New Zealand and Australian Division

New Zealand and Australian Division
FormedAugust 1914 ??

The New Zealand and Australian Division was formed at the start of the Battle of Gallipoli as a composite division under the command of New Zealand general Alexander Godley. At the start of World War I New Zealand had mustered insufficient infantry battalions to form their own division while Australia did not have enough to form a second division so the brigades were combined. After Gallipoli, the Australian 4th Brigade was moved to the newly formed Australian 4th Division while New Zealand formed their own division.

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; New Zealand 1st Infantry Brigade :

; Australian 4th Infantry Brigade : There was also a Maori infantry battalion. When the Australian and New Zealand mounted soldiers were sent to Gallipoli as infantry reinforcements, the Australian 1st and 3rd Light Horse Brigades and the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade joined the New Zealand and Australian Division.



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