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Zippy the Pinhead

Zippy the Pinhead is the main character in a comic strip of the same name. Created by Bill Griffith, Zippy made his first appearance in Zap Comics in the early 1970s. Zippy was later picked up as a daily strip by many US newspapers where it continues to run.

The Zippy comic strip has a cult following of devoted readers; however, many people find nothing humorous in Zippy and cannot understand why the strip continues to run. This antagonism is so common that the official Zippy website contains a tutorial on understanding the comic strip (see External links, below).

A philosophical prankster, Zippy always dresses as a clown, and wears a yellow muu-muu with large red spots.

Zippy likes to travel across the country and visit interesting places (current strips focus on his fascination with roadside icons featuring giant beings). His most famous quote is "Are we having fun yet?" His wife's name is Zerbina.

Zippy's speaking style typically consists of seemingly absurd free association, the use of non sequiturs and satire while discussing popular culture and the excesses of consumerism.

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