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The zenith is the point in the sky where you are looking when you look 'straight up' from the ground. More precisely, it is the point on the sky with an altitude of +90 Degrees; it is the pole of the horizontal coordinate system. Geometrically, it is the point on the celestial sphere intersected by a line drawn from the center of the Earth through your location on the Earth's surface.

The zenith is, by definition, a point along the local meridian.

This article originates from Jason Harris' Astroinfo which comes along with KStars, a Desktop Planetarium for Linux/KDE. See

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This word can also be referring to Zenith Electronics Company or Zenith Data Systems.

Zenith is also the fictional town that forms the setting for Babbitt, Arrowsmith, and other novels by Sinclair Lewis. It is located in the fictional state of Winnemac, which is bounded by Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana.