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In Norse mythology, Ymir was the founder of the race of frost giants and an important figure in Norse cosmology. He formed from the ice of Niflheim, where it met with Muspel's heat and melted. Giants came forth from Ymir's body while he slept. His legs spawned a man and a woman, who came out of his body through the armpits.

The cow Audumla had four udders of milk which fed Ymir. Audumla licked hoar frost and salt from ice, eventually forming Buri, who then fathered Bor, father of Odin, Vili and Ve.

Odin and his brothers killed Ymir. Only two giants survived the flood of Ymir's blood: Ymir's grandson, Bergelmir (son of Thrudgelmir), and his wife. Odin and his brothers used the body to create earth. His flesh filled Ginnungagap; his hair became trees; his eyebrow became Midgard his bones became mountains; his teeth and bone fragments became stones; his blood became lakes and seas. Ymir's skull became the sky, with four dwarves holding it up. Maggots from his flesh became the race of dwarves.

Alternative: Aurgelmir