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Yerkes Observatory

The 40 inch/102 centimeter refractor.
The Yerkes Observatory is an astronomy observatory of the University of Chicago, located in Williams Bay, Wisconsin. The observatory was created, in 1897, by George Ellery Hale and financed by Charles T. Yerkes. A 102cm refracting telescope is located here, it was Earth's largest telescope, until the construction of Mount Wilson's refractor. It remains the largest refracting telescope ever built.

In addition to the Yerkes Refractor, the Observatory also has a 40 inch/102 centimeter reflecting telescope, and a 24 inch/61 centimeter reflecting telescope.

Current research includes the interstellar medium, globular cluster formation, infrared astronomy, and near-Earth objects. Additionally, the University of Chicago maintains a sizable engineering center in the Observatory, dedicated to making and maintaining scientific instruments.

The current director is Dr. Kyle M. Cudworth.

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