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Yarra Valley

The valley of the Yarra River, originating in the Yarra Ranges approximately 100 kilometres east of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It is a popular day-trip and tourist area, partly for the area's considerable natural beauty but also for the local produce, particularly wines. The term is mainly applied to the agricultural area east of Melbourne rather than the lower reaches in the suburbs of Melbourne itself, and the upper reaches which are in inaccessible bushland.

The region's relatively cool climate makes it particularly known for the production of high-quality chardonnay and pinot noir, as well as the production of premium sparkling wines.


Also the name of an independent grammar school in the Melbourne suburb of Ringwood. It opened in 1966 as Yarra Valley Church of England School and was for boys only. Girls were admitted in 1978. It is now called Yarra Valley Grammar.