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Yala province

{| border="1" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" align="right" ! colspan="2" align=center bgcolor="#DEFFAD"|Statistics |- ||Capital:||Yala |- ||Area:||valign=top|4,521.1 km²
Ranked 48th |- ||Inhabitants:||valign=top|415,537 (2000)
Ranked 59th |- ||Pop. density:||valign=top|92 inh./km²
Ranked 47th |- ||ISO 3166-2:||TH-95 |- !colspan="2" align=center bgcolor="#DEFFAD"|Map |- |colspan="2" align=center| |}

Yala (Thai ยะลา) is one of the southern provinces (changwat) of Thailand. Neighboring provinces are (from north-west clockwise) Songkhla, Pattani and Narathiwat. To the south it borders Malaysia.

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Yala is located on the Malay Peninsula.


Yala used to be a part of the Pattani area. After the fall of Ayutthaya in 1767 Pattani became independent, but king Rama I reclaimed it for Siam. It was then split into three parts, and Yala got its own governor.


Yala is one of the four provinces of Thailand where the majority of the population are muslim, making up 68.9% of the population. Also 66.1% of the population are Malay.


The provincial seal shows a miner with simple mining tools including hoes, crowbars, and baskets. Yala was originally a mining town with tin and tungsten ores.

Provincial tree is the Red Saraca (Saraca declinata), provincial flower is the Bullet Wood (Mimusops elengi).

Administrative divisions

King Amphoe
(minor districts)
  1. Mueang Yala
  2. Betong
  3. Bannang Sata
  4. Thon To
  1. Yaha
  2. Raman
  3. Kabang
  1. Krong Pinang

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