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Xiahou Dun

In the Romance of Three Kingdoms, Xiahou Dun (夏侯惇 pronouced shee-a hoe dwin) was one of Lord Cao Cao's best general and friend (Cao Cao was the ruler of the Wei Kingdom). He was also Cao Cao's cousin. He killed a ruffian whom insulted his master, escaped to north and joined Cao Cao when the coaliation against Dong Zhuo began.

Xiahou Dun was a very fast attacker amd could never be caught off-guard, he dueled Guan Yu , Zhao Yun,and Pang De in a draw, along with his brother Xiahou Yuan, Xu Huang, Xu Chu, Dian Wei, Yu Jin and Yue Jin, they forced Lü Bu into a flight

Xiahou Dun wears an eye patch because when he was fighting during the battle with Lü Bu's army (the best warrior ever). Xiahou Dun pulled the arrow from his eye, plucked his eye off of the end of it and ate it as he refused to waste the gift from his parents.

In history record he is a very generous and couragous general. Although Xiahou Dun was a military general, he personally invited his teacher to his camp for guidance so that he can carry on his studies. He was a prudent man to himself and generous to others. He did not enjoy keeping a wealthy estate so whenever he had extra income he gave them to the masses, and whenever there was a shortage he took from the treasury. He became supreme general (highest rank of general) after Cao Cao became the Wei king was given the honorable title of “loyal duke” after his death.