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X (band)

X is the name of a noted punk rock band, formed in Los Angeles in 1977. Their first release, the appropriately titled Los Angeles (1980) (produced by The Doors' keyboard player, Ray Manzarek), was a minor hit, and well received by the underground press.

Their albums had a hard-driving rock and roll sound. After the first two albums on independent Slash Records, X signed to Elektra in 1982 to release Under The Big Black Sun. 1983 saw the release of the More Fun In The New World album and the feature-length documentary about the band, The Unheard Music.

Though X recorded some albums without original guitarist Zoom, the band regrouped in the early 1990s to record and are still playing shows as of 2002. Bassist/singer John Doe moved more toward country music in his solo work, starred in the independent film Roadside Prophets with Beastie Boy Adam Horovitz.