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Wyrd Sisters

Wyrd Sisters is Terry Pratchett's sixth Discworld novel, published in 1988, and re-introduces Granny Weatherwax of Equal Rites.

Warning: Contains Spoilers

With a storyline not unlike a certain Scottish play, Wyrd Sisters features three witches: Granny Weatherwax; Nanny Ogg, monarch of a large tribe of Oggs, who owns the most evil cat in the world, (Greebo); and Magrat Garlick, the junior witch, who firmly believes in occult jewelry, even though none of it works.

The King of Lancre is murdered by his cousin, the Duke, and the king's son is thrust into the care of the three witches.

From there the hilarity only increases, and the witches fight to restore the true King to the throne, even though the true King would much rather act.

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