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Worshipful Company of Bowyers

The Worshipful Company of Bowyers is one of the Livery Companies of the City of London. Originally, the Bowyers (longbow makers) and Fletchers formed one organisation. However, in 1371, the Fletchers petitioned the Lord Mayor of London to divide into their own Company. The trade of the Bowyers, considering the development of guns, has disappeared entirely. The Company still remains, however, as a charitable institution, as do a majority of Livery Companies. The Bowyers' Company ranks thirty-eighth in the order of precedence of Livery Companies, immediately above the Fletchers. Its motto is Crecy, Poitiers, Agincourt, a reference to the Battle of Crecy, the Battle of Poitiers, and the Battle of Agincourt, all battles between England and France in the Hundred Years' War.

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